While I am primarily focused on Data Analysis and am also learning Machine Learning, there are unrelated things that I have built in the past that I do not want to be forgotten.


  • TIL (Today I Learnt) - Repository to keep facts or code snippets of everything that I learnt and think is worth keeping;
  • Solar Eclipse - Pure CSS/HTML implementation of solar eclipse that happened in March, 2015.
  • Investment Calculator - Interactive graph built to show the wonder of compound interest;

Posts from elsewhere:

Web development:

  • BestCar - Premium cars listings;
  • BigGrey - Start-up focusing at managing disputes between shops and consumers;
  • HCFarver - E-commerce shop for biggest paint shop in Denmark;
  • What's Next - Innovative conference for creatives. Won best design award at LOGIN 2014, biggest IT conference in Lithuania;