Getting into Toptal: The Entire Process 👐

Getting into Toptal: The Entire Process 👐

Recently published post on Medium - Getting into Toptal: The Entire Process.

In the post I share the entire process of how application process to Toptal works like and what you can expect. 🙂 Here is an excerpt:

The main things that make Toptal stand out in my eyes are these:

  1. Airbnb, Zendesk, Pfizer and other interesting companies use Toptal to find workers which is great.
  1. Most of the work are long-term gigs spanning at least several months.
  1. Only Top 3% of people who apply get in.

Knowing that only the Top 3% get in was intimidating to me at first and let me tell you I was not ready for what was waiting ahead. The entire application process is rather strenuous and at least in my case really pushed my limits. Thankfully I passed and now can share the process and some tips for you too!