My Goals Report - May 2021

Inspired by Ali Abdaal and his crazy productivity, I am going to start a new section in this blog reporting progress on my monthly goals. The idea is to keep myself accountable publicly and be more consistent in keeping up with good habits. It feels funny going back full circle to 2014 though where I did something similar but what to do 😅

Resolutions from 2014!


Move my butt

My goal for each month is to walk and run enough so as to average at least 10,000 steps/day. Whenever I manage to do that, I feel better, think clearer and my ass does not feel as heavy. Last month I managed to walk 10,078 steps/day and ran 52km. I'm glad about the total steps count but dropped the ball in the running apartment.

Eat like a caveman

Everyone has their own theories on how to eat best. I just know for a fact that cutting out dairy, sugar and processed foods from my diet makes me feel 1000% better. Add some good red meat on top of that and I'm golden. So that's what I do and intend on doing. During May, I had about 7 cheat days where I ate some sweets or indulged in pizza. Could do better.

Keep caffeine intake in-check

Too much caffeine really wrecks me in the long-run. I use it as an escape-hatch whenever I feel tired, and then often don't even realize how tired I really am. It leads to crashes, inconsistent workout routine, etc. So I quit coffee around May 15th and replaced with green tea. The first week has been difficult but after that I actually feel great.

Sleep early

Sleep is the first ingredient to a long and happy life. I have a hard time going to bed early, mostly because I can't keep my goddamn phone down at night. I have been trying to kick this debilitating habit for years, so far quite unsuccessfully. Let's improve this in July!



I've taken up a journaling habit in my 2nd year of university and it has helped me through some challenging times. However, despite its immense usefulness to me, I still don't do it enough because "I don't have time" (yeah, right ..). Let's improve this.


Meditation is another invaluable tool I found to keep my anxieties in-check. However, during May, I managed to meditate for only 1 session, 11 minutes, which is abysmal. I always stop meditating when I work the most, and actually need it the most.

There's even a story about a reporter who asked the Dalai Lama how he manages to fit meditation into his daily schedule. Dalai Lama said something to the effect that, on normal days, he meditates for 1 hour in the morning. And on extremely busy days he meditates for 2 hours. Let that sink in ..



While RescueTime score is only an abstract indication of how well I'm doing, it still tells me that I'm not spending majority of my time on distracting sites & apps. For the past month the productivity score has been ~73% and I spent 131 hours in total in front of PC. It's been a long month, mostly because I'm balancing full-time job with creating side-projects. The biggest vice is still Twitter with 5 hours over the month.

73% score, +3% from month before


I have many ideas flowing at me all at once, and have a hard time finishing things. My ultimate goal is to be produce something tangible consistently.

This month I launched, a directory of hand-curated website performance resources. Since I enjoy geeking out on web perf sometimes, this side-project has been a great excuse to learn more about Tailwind CSS, Next.js, Vercel and explore web perf landscape.

Hand-curated directory of best web performance tools


I have been wanting to grow my audience for awhile but have been hesitant as it's not so clear to me on how to do it. I decided to not try to be perfect about it and start tweet more often, and start with audience building on Twitter. Wrote 5 tweets, had 13 (+4%) new followers and 1387 (+97.48% MoM) Impressions