My Goals Report - June 2021


🏃‍♂️ Move my butt  

In June I failed my walking goal and managed to walk only 9100 steps/day on average. Having said that, I ran 95km which is above my goal. I also ran 28km on my 28th birthday. I wasn't planning for it but on that day thought that it's something that I want to do, and I did it 😛

28km for my 28th birthday

🍖  Eat like a caveman  

Everyone has their own theories on how to eat best. I just know for a fact that cutting out dairy, sugar and processed foods from my diet makes me feel 1000% better. Add some good red meat on top of that and I'm golden. So that's what I do and intend on doing. During May, I had about 7 cheat days where I ate some sweets or indulged in pizza. Could do better.

Eating like a caveman a.k.a. paleo, still seems like is working best for me. My hay-fever allergies are doing really well this season once I started eating in such way again. They did flare up during one weekend where I cheated a little too much. But overall I consider this month to be a success in this regard.

🍵  Keep caffeine intake in-check  

This is the first month for a long time that I went (almost) completely without coffee. I did have one slip up during the beginning of the month though. For other days I either consumed no caffeine, or drank 1-2 cups of green tea. All I can say is that my sleep improved, I feel calmer, and I don't feel lacking in energy. Total win!

😴 Sleep early  

Going to bed early continues to be a big challenge. Somehow I can't learn and most nights think it's "OK" if I just stay on my PC or phone just for a little longer. Wrong! This almost always leads to too much time wasted on YouTube, Hacker News and Twitter, and then going to bed later than I could have went. On a positive side, I still managed to get good sleep overall 🙏  Anyhow, writing this gave me an idea to create a challenge for next month to shut off all devices at 9:30pm, non-negotiable. Let's see how that goes.


📖  Journal  

This month has been a difficult one from personal side of things, and I journaled for about half of the month. It's been a soothing experience that helped me clear my head about certain aspects of my life that changed unexpectedly. Somehow when you are forced to write things down, many things crystallize and the weigh on the shoulders goes down just a little. It's not a bullet-proof method for solving all problems but it's a helpful one anyway.

🧘‍♂️  Meditation  

June has been abysmal in meditation department again. I only had one session 😬 Having said that, I did Wim Hof breathing for quite a few mornings which I also consider a type of meditation. But to me it still belongs to a separate category. Next month I shall try to meditate more, not just because I have to but it really does help once I get in the groove.


📈 RescueTime  

My goal for RescueTime is to have a productivity score of above 70% and in June I managed to just scrape by. I'm happy about that but ... I spent 150h 31m in front of PC out of which 11h were on YouTube, and 18h on social networking sites. This can't be good. So I'm giving myself a passing grade but I need to curb time wasted.

71% (-2%) productivity score and 151h (+20h) time logged from month before. 

🏗️ Build  

June has been pretty intense in building apartment. The goal has been to ship a new product. And while I'm happy about how much progress I've made on a new product, I still failed to ship in on time.

This has been partly due to some disorganization with a partner who is also a part of the project. We got a bit more organized later by keeping designs in Figma, tracking tasks and notes in Google Docs, and since then progress has been good.

I also wasted a bit too much time on some technical aspects of the site, like accounts handling which is done by connecting your crypto wallet. Since some of it is new to me, it can be forgiven that I spent more time than I "should have". Still, I feel like there are ways I can improve my programming process to carve out some efficiencies. For example, it didn't occur to me at first that there are existing open-source projects that do Web 3.0 type accounts handling already. So I spent at least a day implementing it myself, not being fully satisfied with results. And only later realized I can take inspiration from existing implementations. Of course, you can't think of everything in advance but there are things that are worth keeping in mind at all times, like look up existing solutions!

PriceCrow approaching completion.


🐦 Twitter  ❌

I've not been very active on Twitter and actually no longer think that it's something I should keep track of. I don't have any plans yet on how I want to use Twitter so until then I'll remove this category from tracking.

Next month's goals

  • Mostly keep on doing what I'm doing.
  • All devices off by 9:30pm in order to go to bed earlier.
  • Meditate daily to clear my head.