Why learn Python in 2017?

Why learn Python in 2017?

This week I gave a talk at local Python meetup group VilniusPy organized by me and 3 other colleagues about why one should learn Python in 2017.

Officially, 102 people attended. In reality, it was around 80. Such interest clearly shows that there is a need for more meetups like this so I'll make sure to continue them.

Below are the slides of the talk. It's slightly motivational, mostly aimed at beginners or intermediate developers deciding whether it's worth learning Python. The main gist of the talk is that it's a really versatile language with a vast number of application areas. It boosts development speed, allows for flexibility and what's what matters most 90% of the time (made up statistic).

Why learn python in 2017? from Karolis Ramanauskas

The other speaker Justas Trimailovas also gave a similar and great speech titled Python: the last language you'll need to learn which slides are available online.